Why you should consider Paintless Dent Repair Louisville


You shouldn’t take the assumption that a dent or ding will cost you a fortune to have it fixed. Paintless dent removal or paintless dent repair actually involves several methods to repair minor body flaws. You can cheaply and quickly fix numerous surface problems, but remember that it is referred to as paintless for a solid reason. In case, some damage has occurred to the real paint to an extent of not being buffed out, paintless damage repair perhaps isn’t for you. But, if you realize some doors dings plus other body flaws where the paint is intact, PDR will just work fine for you.

Doesn’t inflict any cosmetic damage on your automotive

An unexpected road debris or hail storm can lead to expensive repair works on your vehicle. The bad thing with the removal of the dents the conventional manner is that your car has to be repainted. Unfortunately, you will not be assured of quality repainting unless you take your car back to your dealership. That is the reason your Paintless dent repair should come in to rescue you.

They will ensure that the fixing of the damage doesn’t inflict any cosmetic damage on your automotive. Where your local car lot can’t recreate a similar quality paint job after repair, you require a way of retaining your vehicle’s original paint job.PDR pushes dents out perfectly from within rather than having holes drilled in your cars body so as to pull the dents outwards. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider PDR:

Factory finish

As mentioned earlier, your Paintless dent repair technicians massage your car body back into its original shape. It’s done from within via the use of light hammering and rods. If done the right way, and the dent wasn’t too serious, the paint job from the manufacturer will definitely conform to the original look.


If you prefer the traditional dent removal techniques, your car might take several days to the repair yard. Then it will be repainted and may not retain its original appearance.PDR is normally done in a few hours since immediately the dents are handled; the job is done.


The paint job is actually the most expensive step of getting rid of dents the regular way. To match the original paint job, you have to high quality paint which can be quite expensive. But if you considered the PDR, you are going to save about 50 to 70 percent on your repair expenses since no repainting is required.

Not tied to dealer

If you find an experienced Paintless dent repair Louisville technician, they will ensure that your car original paintwork is retained in the event of dent removal. This will save the agony of sending your auto back to your dealer to have it repainted. It would be a very expensive as well as time-consuming.

Covered by Insurance

Most Paintless dent repair shops work with auto insurance, and since their repair charges are low, most motor insurance companies pay out almost immediately.