Why You Need to Keep Your Shower Head Clean

A warm shower in the morning is the indeed the best way to start your day. But you want the water to gently wet your face until you have fully awakened. However, instead of a soothing shower drops, you may get a super-sonic spray instead. This is what happens if you forgot to clean your shower head. This part of your bathroom is often the most neglected area when it comes to cleaning. If you think it is enough to clean the toilet, tub, sink, wall, mirror and sink then you are definitely wrong. No matter how clean your bathroom is, a clogged shower head will still ruin your day.


One reason why you take a shower is to rinse off dirt and bacteria. However, the opposite can be true if cleaning shower glass and cleaning shower head is not properly maintained and cleaned. Do you know that a study was conducted at the University of Colorado about this and it showed that one third of shower heads have so many bacteria on them? You may be unaware that these bacteria are sprayed over you every time you take a shower.

Meanwhile, the slime in the shower head keeps the germ protected from the chlorinated water. Hence, experts found out that 30% of shower heads have Mycobacterium avium on them. This is a bug that was known to cause lung disorder. And according to Professor Norman Pace; the head of the research, it can be worse if you wash your face first the moment you turn on your shower. This means that the bulk of germs get into your face without you knowing it. Professor Pace and his colleagues acquired a sample of the slime found inside 45 shower heads and found high levels of Mycobacterium avium; a germ linked to the development of TB. When the water is sprayed to the face, the bacteria will find easier access to the person’s lungs when they are inhaled. The most vulnerable to acquire illness are pregnant women, individuals with compromised immune system and the elderly.

There are many ways to clean your shower head or shower glass and you don’t need to spend so much for it. All you need is vinegar. Simply soak your shower head on a bag of vinegar overnight. The next morning, run a hot water to cleanse the vinegar and you are good to go. There are also cleansing products you can buy at the store. Just make sure you choose the one that is most effective.