Why Wasting Your Resources – Learn Farming Attack Strategies

A study has proved that games are a major source of developing many skills in children as well as the youth. Not all the games, but there are a lot of games which are complex, challenging and ambitious and they boost children’s learning and help in the development of mental and physical health. It also helps us in strengthening the cognitive skills like reasoning, perception, spatial navigation and memory. Playing video games also help the children to develop the problem solving skills. It is also a fact that playing your favorite game greatly affects your mood also.


One of the most popular genres in the gaming industry is strategic games in which you have to do planning to win the game. If you have just started playing these kinds of games you should take some guidance to understand how the strategy works for you to win a level. The clash of the clans is a trending strategic game which has gained popularity among youth because of its amazing features. You need to develop strategies and to conquer different zones to advance in the game.

Attack strategy is one of that critical point, if you have made a good strategy you can get a lot of possessions but if you get failed you will lose a significant amount of resources. To get knowledge about the clash farming attack strategies you need to read this comprehensive guide in which complete information about different attack strategies is presented in a very understandable way with screen shots. In this guide you will learn about the best troop composition which can be useful for getting as much loot as possible in a short period of time.

The guide is broken into four different parts so that you can get benefit from each part easily without confusing yourself. In the first part it is explained that how farming dead bases can be useful for you. It is also explained that how can you find a dead base and how much it will be useful for you for collecting loot from it.

You will also get to know the best trophy levels to farm these dead bases. Troop development and deployment are also an important part of your strategy and you will easily get master by following the strategies given in this guide. In the other parts you will learn the farming live bases for elixir/gold or dark elixir.