For a number of people, recruitment agencies make an essential part of their job finding process. A good recruitment agency may help you find your next job and will add quality to your job search.

How to differ a good agency from bad one?

There are a lot of people who leave the selection of recruitment agencies to luck, and they usually apply to jobs they see advertised.


A smart approach is supplying your job applications with recommendations from colleagues and friends. As soon as you find an appropriate agency, follow this checklist to make sure you are not mistaken.

Good recruitment agencies:

  • Do their best to comprehend your motivations and your aspirations for career, as well as they take into account your work history
  • Don’t treat your relationship as a short term one, not one that ends with a job placement, as a good agency consultant will keep in touch with you even after you find a job
  • Keep your application and personal details with respect and privacy
  • Carry out detailed reference checks with former employers before representing you, in order to make sure they have a thorough understanding of you and your abilities

Hello Monday advantages

We are one of those agencies that know how to turn an ordinary company into an extraordinary one by finding a right person at the right time. “Hello Monday” understands that people are as unique as the companies they are hired for. Thanks to the experience of long and eventful years we have come to the conclusion that the successful way of any organization depends on the people they have on board, as they share the same objectives and core beliefs. In case you want to build a winning team that consists of a talent mindset, then “Hello Monday” is the right choice.

What makes us different from other recruitment agencies is our excellent knowledge of the broad labour market. We perfectly know what sectors and companies apply to your needs most.

Due to our extensive network we easily and quickly get you in contact with possible clients and projects with realistic expectations.

We have access to jobs that you will never see as a common job seeker as agencies are often the first to hear about a particular position.

“Hello Monday” guarantees the security of a permanent contract and the diversity of various projects.