Watch where you’re at! Or WATCH where you’re at?

Given how our phones have been increasing exponentially in size at a very steady rate, it’s like seeing a new born develop. Whoa! Hold on there for a second, these are the times when our jeans pocket isn’t big enough to fit our phone or perhaps just too tight that might give our phone a curve? Hah! While growing up many of us may have dreamt of a world wherein we would be able to do just about anything on our watch. Perhaps the expectations left behind by movies such as the “Minority Report” or the “Mission Impossible” series were just too high. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and try to be practical thinking our dreams have been shattered and it’s never going to happen. Well guess what? We have finally, FINALLY entered a generation wherein we not have smart watches(?), or maybe more like a smart phone strapped to your wrist; just a lot more compressed than the usual 5.5” long, lighter in weight, oh and not forgetting that it’s actually a watch. Call it whatever you wish, the android watch phone has entered our lives and this is only the beginning.

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So the next question one is ought to ask is, how is it exactly a small phone? Other than they being stocked with the fancy hardware like a display touch screen, running on an Android operating system, have a decent RAM, they also arrive with built in cameras. So pretty much everything you’d expect your phone to do.

So why hasn’t this technology broken out into an epidemic already? Perhaps the biggest barrier that stands in the way is with regards to how they would look and feel. These android watch phones still lack the necessary style optimizations to make them compatible for everyday use. Not only can they be a little uncomfortable if worn for longer durations, they lack the delight and the pleasure of appearance it may provide another person.

Although there are certain disadvantages, but let’s face it, how much were you able to do with just your mobile phone when it got first introduced? Smart phones were introduced at a very later stage. It goes unsaid that the use of apps like maps and fitness loggers is certainly something to look forward to and not forgetting that one would avail these features at a “hands-free” cost. Perhaps it is still too early for these hybrids to mark their place in our daily lives just yet. But a big future certainly awaits them.