Useful Tips For Gardening

Summer will be on soon, and we will forget about the difficulties of buying or finding the herbs and vegetables we looked for so long in fresh form.  As for me, I will never replace the basilica grown on my windowsill with any other one bought from the market. Fortunately, a wide range of vegetables and greens are able to grow without much soil and extra additions.


It is enough to google and you will find a lot of gardening tips for all seasons.

I did it and now enjoy the results. One of my favorite tips is planting seedlings in a citrus peel. For the vegetables and herbs that need a seed-starting tray from plastic or any other material, the website suggests using peels from orange, lemon or grapefruit. I tried it and it worked. It is awesome, believe me!

Another useful tips that I liked a lot, is growing vegetables from kitchen scraps. Don’t be surprised, you can get fresh and good-looking vegetables even from garbage.

Fresh lettuce, garlic, spring onions are not a problem now, as you can have them ready and fresh on your windowsill or garden. The process of re-growing any vegetable is the same.

You just have to put the garlic cloves or onion bottoms in a glass of water and wait for them to sprout. As soon as they have sprouted place them in a soil and you will not believe your eyes. After a while you will have a little garden of fresh onions, garlic, lettuce and other vegetables.

Growing drought-resistant tomatoes is a headache for many farmers. You will stand aside from the crowd, by applying this method in your garden. You just need to take a plastic bottle and make holes on it by a scissors or a knife. After that bury the bottle in the soil and feel with water. When planting your tomatoes after the bottle you will save them from drought and will conserve much water. Agree that this method is beneficial and will work effectively for your tomatoes.

I want to share one more tip with you. Fighting against cabbage worms has been a huge problem for many farmers, as I remember. They use a lot of chemicals to struggle against them. Nowadays people have found an organic way of vanishing them. The cocktail of flour and baking soda will do the job. Just be attentive to use it during sunny weather to have effective results.

These were the most eye-catching tips I had separated, you can find more here gardening tips for fall.