Touchscreen Tables: Will They Be the Interactive Touchscreens of Classrooms in the Future?

These days, you can normally find students using iPod or laptops at school. But do you know that there is a better technology than these tiny gadgets? Laptops, tablets and iPhone may be okay but when it comes to learning nothing compares to a digital equipment with bigger interactive touchscreen and this is theĀ Touch Table.

Small gadgets are sensitive and can easily get damaged especially in the presence of little children. They may sit on them, stand on them, push them and do other things to explore them. But none of these activities can affect a robustly made table that serves as an interactive touchscreen at the same time. However, emphasis has to be placed on making sure that these giant gadgets will really serve their purpose well and that is to help students learn more. Otherwise, users may be overwhelmed on its “cool factor” and forget to use this to their learning advantage.


In UK, studies were already done on touchscreen tables by placing them in an actual classroom setting. And researchers came up with some suggestions to make it even better for a classroom use. In such study, the table came out useful when learning history, geography and English. Lessons were made according to the teacher’s usual lesson plan and the table can accommodate up to 6 students.

Touchscreen tables can be expensive for now and may cost around $7,749. However, this can be more affordable in the future just like any other digital gadgets. However, as for now, any school planning to use this in their teaching will definitely need to make a big investment. With appropriate tweaks on the table’s software, this will be perfect for a classroom learning experience.

On the other hand, there is a downside in sharing the touchscreen table with the group. Not all children will finish the activity at the same time. Hence, for some adjusting on someone else’s phase can make the lesson dragging and it puts pressure on the student who will also fall behind. And for teachers, they may find it hard to identify students who are really working on their task since they will only see them as swiping and moving images on the screen.

In conclusion of the study, it was recommended that this table will also be equipped with progress indicator for the teacher’s use. Apps that will bring out the flexibility on the gadget which allows instructors to control it will likewise be better. This can be a button that will allow teachers to pause, amend or even control the flaw of the lesson. On top of it all, a feature that will allow the gadget to export documents and print the student’s progress will also be nice.