Tips in Getting the Perfect Car Door Magnets

car door magnets

Going for custom car door magnets is one of the popular ways where companies can do their advertising! However, there seems to be a challenge when it comes to getting the right custom door magnets because some individuals tend to get ahead of themselves when shopping for a customized car door magnet! Finding the right custom car door magnet that has the right design and size can be very challenging but there are a few tips that you can try out to make the whole selection process easier!

 Try out these steps when looking for the right car door magnet:

The best tip that you can probably go with is to get designs that are simple! Always remember that people get attracted to images where they have to figure out themselves. The thing with a lot of buyers of car door magnets is they think it helps to get those designs that have so much information to show. In fact, getting those car door stickers with overloaded information make the car less attractive! Try sticking to the basics like the brand name, a tag line that says something about what you have to offer, and a contact number!

One of the things you can try out is the full color graphics car door magnets! Go for those that have vibrant colors, but be careful about the color selection and always consult with the graphic artist so you can get the best designs! Always remember that people are drawn to visual information basically because they don’t have a lot of time to read and mull over the information you have to offer!

Make sure that you are getting graphics that perfectly symbolize the products or services that you are offering to get the most impact on the ones who will see the car door magnet. Some individuals make the mistake of using the same images of their business car graphics to their car door magnets. Here is something that you should know about image file sizes. The ones that looked great on your business card might not look good when you use the exact image on the car door magnet because the images would be expanded to more than 1000% of the original image size! Always seek the opinion of the graphic artist for this matter so you don’t make the mistake of putting up a pixelated image on your car door magnet!

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