Tips for New Mountain Bikers

cycling-3Riding a mountain bike is one of the most exhilarating activities that one can experience with relative safety. The appeal of cycling as a great activity for physical fitness is attributed not just to the excitement of a cross country ride, but because of how it has significantly less risks compared to other pursuits. Even as an exercise, cycling has a big advantage over others such as running because of its less stress on the knees and other joints. However, this isn’t always the case as some rookie bikers buy the wrong kinds of bike for their first. Here are some important things to keep in mind when buying a reliable bike.

  1. Which suspension would be preferable?

As previously mentioned, bikes can cause knee stress just as much as running if the wrong kind is bought. And these types of bikes are those that have no means of absorbing strong impacts. The two options for suspensions that one could go for is the hardtail suspension or the full suspension. The former type is where the bike only has the front part with a suspension. This is generally located along the sides of the fork. The latter type of suspension is where there are shock absorbers on the front as well as at the rear. This type of suspension is preferred by those who are into biking through rough trails as it can absorb a lot of impact that would otherwise go to their knees or bike parts.

  1. Understand wheel sizes.

The diameter of the wheel and its thickness differs greatly depending on where the bike is intended to be used on. For riding exclusively on flat surfaces, such as paved roads, it’s a good idea to invest in thin tires. These tires are great for flat roads because of its more aerodynamic design which can give the biker more speed. Thicker tires on the other hand are better suited for off-road riding because of how great they are in providing traction and stability.

  1. Aim for durable materials.

The frame in particular can make or break some of the¬†best mountain bikes¬†around. Skimping out too much on the cost of the entire bike might compromise the durability and performance of the bike. This is bad news for bikes that are used for cross-country rides, even if there’s front and rear suspensions installed. Just like other things, understanding that investment is required for good equipment is essential.