Things You Should Know About Plastering

Thickness of plaster is something of which you should be very careful because it is one of the main factors that determine the quality of your wall plaster. 11mm thick plaster is the most common thickness of plaster used in under wall coating. However at certain places you may even have to use a plaster thickness of different gauge such as 8 mm or 9 mm.

What material to use for plaster is also very important because it plays a very important role in determining the ultimate quality of your wall appearance? Plaster is the base material over which POP is applied and then the paint is applied subsequently. The appearance of your paint depends a lot on the quality of plaster that has gone inside it. Material of plaster is also very important because unless good quality plaster is used, the plaster will start coming off only after few initial years.  White cement plaster is the most common material used for plastering.

How to plaster is also very important from the durability point of view because unless a good quality process for applying plaster is used, it will start coming off.  There are many different ways of applying plaster on a wall. The most common method used by masons all over the world is that of roller ball method. Under this method, cement mortar is put on the wall and then a roller is run over it. Now that we have apprised you of different aspects of plastering, we would help you in hiring a good plasterer who can follow all the instructions that we have laid down in this article. You can find many good plasterers on Stuka door. Hiring a good plaster is not easy because there are more than 100 plasterers who offer their services. There are some tips that you can follow to facilitate hiring of a good contractor.

The first thing that you should ask your contractor is that whether he has requisite experience in handling the size of job that you want to give him. Most good contractor list their service on the internet and hence you can get find them there. Further you can get feedback of their service by asking them to give reference of their previous clients. You can also read about the contractor and his service on the social media. It will help you in determining the quality of the contractor.