The survival of movie rental

Who hasn’t heard of Blockbuster? I am sure that all of you, as kids, were simply thrilled to go to Blockbuster every time your parents had some free time to rent a movie. Now, it is very sad to enter a Blockbuster store, as these are the last days of business for the company and the only thing you can find inside is DVDs that can be bought. Yes, Blockbuster is selling its entire inventory. Even though some might think that since Blockbuster is closing, this is the end of movie rental, there still are success stories on the market. One of them is Family Video, a movie rental chain with 770 stores in locations in Canada and Midwest. The best about this movie rental chain is not this; the best is yet to come: the rental chain is preparing new locations after adding 18 last year. What is the story standing behind this huge success? Good ideas, top quality services and a smart marketing campaign.

Lots of Family Video locations have Marco’s Pizza joints next door and this has helped them boost their business. People go to their stores, rent a movie or two and get some pizza. This is the perfect recipe for relaxing evenings. While you are waiting for your pizza to be ready, you can browse for a movie in the Family Video store next door.

This is one success story and one of the examples on how movie rental survives. Another good example is Redbox. The Redbox owner is one of those people who simply love brick and mortar stores and who would not trade them for an online store. Redbox manages to help the movie rental survive by presenting a store in which movie rental services are available, among other products. The Redbox owner is proud of being able to offer his clients a video selection much wider than the ones available online and he often manages to bring new releases in stores much sooner than online stores manage to make this happen.

As you can see, it all stands in the marketing strategy and the creative ideas that you implement in the movie rental store. Even though Hulu and Netflix are now available, this doesn’t mean that people have completely lost the joy of renting a movie from an actual store. The feeling is completely different from the one you get when you access a website and this is what makes movie rental survive at the end of the day. In the next few years, it is not going to be easy for the industry, but a little bit of creativity will make everything good in the end. Of course, the creativity has to be combined with a lot of work and a good marketing strategy but just because the Blockbuster stores are being closed, this doesn’t mean that there is no winning recipe available. There is, but it is now waiting to be discovered and then exploited to the fullest. If this is done, then the movie rental industry is going to survive.