Symbolism of Hair for Women

You can’t deny that hair can be a reflection of who you are. History tells the relationship between hair and self-esteem. All walks of life prove that hair is not a simple cover on your head but a companion of life and brings impact on it.


Hair for women carries legacy of symbolism.


It is a symbol of identity. Hair is considered as women’s crowning glory. Historical event showed appreciation regarding identity of women through their hair. During civil war, it’s not only men who participated. Women went to war with short hair. Since it violated the norm, women disguised as men when they let their hair cut. But women were being imprisoned because of this move. If you are alive during that time, you probably would buy hair regrowth shampoo for them to bring back the length of their hair and advise them not to go to war anymore but go back to their families.


Another symbolical event that occurred was in 1940 and this happened in France. Women of this period suffered punishment through complete shaved of their heads. They received such punishment when government discovered their sexual relationships with soldiers. That is really a shameful experience. Few women of today shaving their heads are not punishing themselves nor other is punishing them but it’s their own choice. Reasons vary. Either they do it just for a change or they serve as rebel reactions on their bad experiences in life.


In the Bible, hair serves as covering for woman’s head and it symbolizes identity and purity. To quote that exactly, here how it was stated: “But for a woman, if her hair is abundant, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her for a covering.” You can find that in First Corinthians chapter eleven on verse fifteen. Long hair is naturally given to women and God did not give such form accidentally. Those religious groups who got wrong misinterpretation of the verse however do not allow their women members to cut their hair short even they look awkward and unattractive. Well, they don’t need hair regrowth shampoo perhaps. They simply need scissors and comb. You can’t blame them however, because that’s their belief. But with regards to accepting the norm, you as a woman should not go for a bare head style. Not unless, you joined Kung Fu. Forgot to tell you that norms vary in every location too.