Stunning Copper Mugs For Your Stylish Home:

With advancements in technology and science, there has been a lot of change in the water supply and water treatment system. The ultra high degree of quality control has ensured that the water we use at our homes is absolutely safe to consume. If in such a time I do advocate for the use of copper mugs and glasses for drinking water or other beverages then it may sound anachronistic and funny at the same time to many, but trust me there is truth behind that claim.


Let us move a little ahead with the claim of copper doing its bit in keeping you healthy. In the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures one can find that the water stored in the 100% pure copper pots for a period of time have all the microorganisms killed and the water becomes absolutely safe for drinking. To support the claim, scientists conducted the experiment with storing water for sixteen hours in a copper pot and then observed the results. The water from the source was contaminated with 500 CFU/ml had all its bacteria killed during those sixteen hours. It is also believed that it also destroys vibrio cholera, E Coli, and salmonella etc.

Our body also needs certain amount of copper on daily basis and we get that from foods like whole wheat, beans, and green leafy vegetables. But you just need to believe me; you can fulfill your daily dose of copper simply by drinking four liters of water stored in a copper jug overnight. Earlier the copper jugs, mugs and other utensils used to look dull and very basic because of their designs. But these days you can have copper pots with stunning look and awesome designs features that will leave your guests spellbound while served in those pots.

For example, this mug shown in the picture above can be a great addition to your kitchen showcase and can be a great conversation starter as well. This one is made from pure copper and has been handcrafted by seasoned Indian craftsmen hence will stay like this for longer than you have imagined. You can serve many drinks in this mug including popular alcoholic ones like a margarita, apple martini and much more. The stunning looks combined with the sturdy design will definitely be a proud possession for your kitchen. Yes, I must tell you one thing that pure copper with years of use may age with time but that aged look is what characterizes copper and this mug as well.