SEO: Why Use This for Your Business?

Over these past few years, the use of SEO has rocketed high. This is not surprising considering the fact that searching is the number one factor that drives traffic to a site. And according to surveys, 70% of searches done are actually organic results. On top of that, 75% of people who search online do not scroll beyond the first page of search results. And the good news is; inbound leads offers 60% savings than outbound leads. With all these promising numbers, it goes to show that SEO will still be with us for many years to come. And SEO companies like Brand That Name and many others will help you maximize its use.


The importance of optimizing your site’s contents

It always follows that optimized contents will invite more visitors and leads to your site. This is the reason why writing new contents and blogging cause great impact in the site’s visibility. Do you know that those businesses using blogs and articles as SEO tool receive additional 55% more visitors? These visitors were converted to customers and at the same time added to their sales. Apart from that, natural inbound links created 97% more links. The natural inbound links are those links coming from other websites which help build the company’s credibility.  Even the indexed pages added 464% more pages, helping build the company’s ranking and credibility. And blogging added 70% more leads.

Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, SEO has the biggest impact.  And you can’t underestimate mobile searches since one third of searches done online are coming from mobile devices. That is why; more and more websites are becoming mobile friendly. This is when the company’s website has the right screen size that is compatible to mobile phones, on top of being finger friendly and with faster load time.


In SEO,high quality contents must be done regularly. This must present information that will come out valuable to the users. Make sure that you use links coming from high authority domains. The use of internal links and outbound links can also enhance the user’s experience. An active and engaging social media will also be of great value. Most of all, a well-designed website that is user friendly and mobile optimized will help make your SEO work.

Remember, not all SEO techniques are effective. However, if you do things right, everything will work on your favour. And the results will pay off all your efforts. So, use SEO right and allow it to serve its purpose well.