Securing Home: You Can Leave it with Virtual Concierge and Doorman Services

Virtual doorman service is one of the biggest security options that several apartments in New York can now provide.

Several years before, residential buildings employ a doorman to guard the building and to provide you courtesy whenever you need them. However, the perspective of including the services of these good men is proven to be a luxury for several residents. Fortunately, several innovations were developed in the midst of looking for better home security and doorman services – the virtual doorman services.

How do virtual doorman services work?

Despite being a state-of-the-art and high-technology alternative from the conventional doorman, virtual doorman services are run by efficient professionals called “virtual concierge”. These people will digitally keep an eye on the entire apartment through the works of solid cameras and remote control panel that will allow them to let the resident’s guests, delivery man, and the residents themselves to enter the building and into the apartment without the need for the residents to open the door for them. Also, they are able to lock unrecognized and unwanted visitors and notify you in case you are away from home.

Other than providing the resident’s guests the permission to enter the residential building, they too can provide services such as;

  • Arranging a ride to the airport
  • Arranging an appointment with plumbers or electricians
  • Securing your home 24/7 from burglars with notifications
  • Letting you enter your own apartment in case you forget your keys
  • Arranging dinner reservations
  • Sending you alerts about the package you have been waiting for
  • Greet you with courtesy before you enter the building

However, all of these are possible if you sign up with the efficient company in town when it comes to virtual concierge and doorman like the Virtual Concierge Doorman AISG. The people behind the company have been providing a history of efficient and effective security to several residential buildings, commercial buildings, and other residential homes. Plus, they provide an utmost security and friendly doorman services at a reasonable price.

Why do you need virtual concierge and doorman services?

There are several advantages of getting virtual concierge and doorman services for an apartment, residential building, and commercial building, to name a few; here are the top reasons why you need their services:

  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Fast and efficient doorman assistance
  • It is cost-effective

Also, virtual concierge and doorman services secure you and your privacy. So, if you are a landlord and you want to keep your residents safe and secured, you should start considering installing virtual concierge and doorman services now.