Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become one of the most popular tools to promote your business in the digital world. It not only helps in giving visibility to your business but also increasing traffic to your business which results in increased business. Why it is so important in modern day’s world and how to use it better is the topic of this article. Internet has become the norm of the day and that means that more than 90% people in the western world uses internet on a day to day basis. The percentage of people using internet on daily basis is small in developing countries but it is increasing by leaps and bounds. Increase in internet penetration has made the customers search for goods and services on the internet. This has serious implication of small businesses. Earlier small business used to advertise and promote their business through traditional advertising medium such as newspaper and yellow pages and that used to bring customers to their door step. These traditional means of advertisement have either become extinct or converted into digital form. For example, yellow pages are no more printed and most people read newspaper on the internet.


What should small business owners do in such a scenario? The answer is simple; they will also have to go digital, which means that they should also offer their service on the internet. Probably this is the reason why almost all business owners such as mechanics, plumbers and carpenter have started offering their service on the internet. However, there is a big problem in offering your service on the internet and that is that internet is a very level playing field. You will understand what we are trying to say if you do a search for a plumbing service on the net. You will get a list of 100 such service providers without any differentiation. How to sell your service effectively in such a situation? In such situations, SEO can come to your help. It will help you in promoting your website by listing on the first page of google search report. This leads to multi-fold increase in traffic to your website. SEO is a very complex job and hence should be outsourced. You can find many good vendors doing it in your area. If you try to do it yourself then there are chances that you may fail miserably.