Restore A Water Logged House, All By Yourself:

Water with its unwanted entry to the unintended places in the home or office can cause terrible damage to the interior, valuables papers and other stuffs. The wooden floors, carpets, skirting and wall paints get badly damaged due to this. This may also fiddle with the wirings laid out, or some electrical connections and incur severe damage from electrocution to fire hazard. Water logging also brings along the problem of mould growth and afterwards termite growth.


If you think the damage is something which you cannot undo by yourself and must immediately call for some of your local Miami water damage restoration contractor who is ready to serve 24/7 on any emergency call like Water DamageĀ MiamiĀ (305) 848-4555. They are the people with experience and expertise in dealing with such situations with a professional approach and can bail you out of such situation quickly within very less time and with high degree of quality of work.

And if you think that the damage is of such magnitude which you can rectify yourself, then it is great. I think ma few tips given here will be of help for you.

  • The first thing you need to do is to disconnect the power and unplug the electrical and electrical appliances immediately to avoid anyone getting electrocuted. If this is daytime, then you can turn power off from the mains for a few hours and start working on it.
  • Get rid of power: If there is electrical hazard, then adopt the manual ways of using bucket, towel, and rugs to get the water removed. If the water logging in the basement is getting out of control, think about renting a sump pump for water removal. Dry out the area after getting rid of water to avoid mold growth.
  • Drying: After removal of water use fans or dehumidifiers to dry out the entire area. Wet components and furniture may be taken out in to the courtyard for better drying.
  • Disinfection: After the area dried up and all the components like insulations, drywalls, wood beams must be disinfected. It is better if you use some non toxic but powerful disinfectant.
  • Prevent mold growth: Climate post water logging is highly conducive one for mold growth. You shall apply a layer of chemicals preventing mold growth and useful in mold removal. Please keep in mind it is better to select the chemicals for the job which have less or no harmful chemicals.

And finally dispose of the damaged things responsibly and be a good citizen. Else you can take help of any specialized agency dealing with the trash disposal in your area.