Regenerative Farming Will Save The Generation From Diseases

Nowadays more and more people suffer from obesity and other health problems. Reasons are numerous, but many of them are indispensably related to unhealthy food. No, I don’t speak about fast food. This time we discuss products that contain GMO. This means of agriculture is so widespread in developed countries, where population is increasing day by day and the relevant institutions take measures to decrease the possible problems of overpopulation by using unfair methods among them GMOs.


You will not be surprised to see people weighing more than 150kg in these days. What is eye-catching people like these were an exclusive phenomenon a few decades ago.

People are so inclined and accustomed to eating unhealthy food, that they don’t even care what they put in their mouth. Whereas it is the number one point that you should follow in case you try to live a healthy lifestyle.

To decrease the risk of obesity and other diseases many smart people have switched to healthy diet that includes organic food. By saying organic farming we don’t mean just making higher profit. We are stewards of our soil and the soil that feeds us should be healthy as well. It is regenerative farming that comes to help us in this issue.

Thus, in order to have healthy soul in healthy body we should take care of the soil that is feeding us. That is the reason that a group of soil microbiologists from various regions gather together in Sepixa to develop SC27.

The team consists of not only microbiologists, but also agronomic consultants, pathologists, multinational networks and marketing professionals. All of them represent and distribute numerous agricultural products. They come together to represent proven and efficient means for the improvement of soil health.

Thinking in terms of regenerative agriculture, we do great steps for the improvement of society. It is not a secret that agriculture is the foundation of civilization, and to improve agriculture we should lift up the society. And here stays one single truth that agriculture is the absolutely essential part of the whole society to improve our health and environment.

Therefore, healthy society should have healthy soil to live on and develop mentally, and physically.  In one word, organic agriculture is more than agriculture. It means we are helping to create healthier and better life for everyone. By doing organic farming we are helpful to the society in many ways.