People Who Paint Lives

The song ‘You Decorated my life’ by Kenny Rogers is best given to the painters who bring colors to our houses, buildings, bridges. Without them, maybe the world will be dull with all the blacks and whites. They mix and match the colors to bring a vibrant world to us.


Though it does not have a rewarding pay, it is rewarding already for them to bring a happy feeling because of the color of the paints. The job is not that high demand since most of the building owners usually paint the building or houses on their own especially if it is a small space and it is a save on money. However, some are hiring painters to achieve the colors or designs they want and people who have budget usually do this, like rich ones. Who like on changing paints whenever they want, and it is a good thing for the business of painters, they will earn.


Bringing colors and painting lives for them is as easy as pie since they are committed to their job but then again painters do not have an easy task as we see it. We can say, ah it is just easy doing all the painting. It is like just coloring in the coloring book. However, it is not. Just enduring the smell of the paint is already difficult. It is too strong that it might dry their brain just like rugby or make them dizzy and might sniff around particularly if the paint has a high amount of gas. Thank God there are already nose-friendly paints available.


The residue marks of paint. It cannot be removed easily even the paint is water based. It takes effort and time to remove it totally. The use of paint thinner will eliminate the stain. However, if not done properly, paint thinners can cause burns on our skin. So paint thinners are applied on a minimal amount.


Body pain is the most terrible problem of painters. Being a painter requires a physical energy. Their strength and body health is their capital. They simply ignore any pain. There’s no job they can’t do unless if they can’t bear the pain anymore. However, still they should compromise their health for money. Our health is our wealth.


Their job maybe not one of the corporate jobs that we are dreaming but for them, it is already a dream come true in bringing happiness in painting lives and make the surroundings lively and not dull and dreary. We can say; we do not need them since there already machines that in just one spray, space will be colored. However, these painters are competing with the high-end technology to survive in this world.