How to create your first WordPress menu

Maybe you are wondering how your online presence can be felt. The ultimate solution is to learn como crear una pagina web and try to create one that is professional with efficient operation and an attractive design that will leave people impressed. In the process of learning how to build one you, you must know a very vital element, how to create your first WordPress menu.

Usually, freshly installed sites always have an empty page that is divided into two segments, one on the right and the other on the left. The left side contains a few tabs that hold all the available elements which you can add to a menu. On the right side, you can create a new list and adjust the structures and settings. Before seeing the setting, you have to create a new menu:

  • Come up with a recognizable name and fill it in
  • Click on the “Add Menu” button on the right side

The right aspect of the screen will change instantly, and you will be able to see a section where you can edit the menu structure and its settings. Before that, let me tell you how to add some elements to your menu.

Add menu elements

This step mainly focuses on the left section of the editor. To learn more about tabs that hold pages, post, custom link and categories click here;  como crear una pagina web. WordPress blog mostly uses pages and categories as menu elements, but you are free to add other components there as well.

  • Open any of the tabs
  • Select pages, posts, and categories or add custom links
  • Click on the “Add to Menu” button on each tab before switching to the next one

Add post Pages and categories by selecting them from the list. Take note when adding a custom link, while doing so you should have the full URL of the page. Don’t forget to add a name or label that will be visible for that given link. For more info check como crear una pagina web.

Where to go for your phone repair in Singapore

Are you looking for where to repair iPhone in Singapore? You are at the right place. I will tell you shops that repair iPhone in Singapore without any doubt. Before they offer you their services they will ask you a lot of questions in order to know the root of the problem for excellent service delivery.

For that expensive iPhone, you have been wondering if it can be repaired just contact the following phone repair shops for excellent services.

Yishun iPhone repair is one of the best iPhone repairs in Singapore. It is very fast at delivering their services; you might think that they have just done a replace of your phone. Ooh no! There is a team of experts who do the job for only 30 minutes. You can now smile since you will never go back home without your phone repaired. For your broken iPhone 6 glass, they will take a maximum of 40 minutes to do a perfect fix going for only $70 with a three-month warranty. They are located at NorthPoint City, 630 Yishun Avenue. They are always open through the week from 11 am to 9 pm. If you come at 8:19 be sure to go back with your iPhone 6 glass screens intact with warranty.

Chinatown located in Singapore also offer best services for your pad, Samsung screen, Sony Xperia, HTC, LG and many more. To see their price list follow them on their Facebook page. They also provide warranty in accordance with the type of repair you need. For original parts the provides a 3 months warranty and for promotional repair, they provide 1 month or less. For any repair, they take about one hour to complete.

Wonderful! For any free diagnostic of your phone and a free next course for action, Bedok is the best alternative. Come get your phone diagnosed by professionals and experts in this field. For your iPhone 6 broken glass screen repair at a budget of $70, Bedok is your one-stop solution. You can be sure to find them from 11 am to 9 pm throughout the week. Come get excellent services provided by professionals at Singapore.

The 2 Things your Home Needs Right Now


Your home is a place you spend a lot of time, undeniably.  It’s where you sleep, eat, entertain guests, put all your belongings in, and so much more.  Needless to say your home is important, very important.  We’ve come up with two things we feel you need to have in your house to increase your quality of life, and make your home a little cozier.

The first of the things we think your house needs is a security system!  Nothing beats feeling extremely safe in your own home, and to do that you need the best home security system you can get.  That means cameras, mics, and you can even get apps to see what’s going on in your own home while you’re out.  Not up for doing it yourself?  It’s worth hiring a security company to do it for you.  Even the little sign they put out in your front lawn helps to scare off people with bad intentions.  Long story short, get a security system.

The second thing we think you’d benefit from is making your home a “smart” home.  By that we mean getting one of the Google, Apple, or Amazon home products.  They make life so much easier and you don’t realize how amazing they are till you’ve actually tried them.  Need to turn the lights off downstairs?  No problem, just ask your home device to turn them off for you.  And you don’t even have to leave your bed.  It will reduce stress and you’ll probably have just as much fun with it as us while we were testing it out.

Now the list doesn’t end here, there are thousands of little things that can make your life easier at home, but these are the two we think you should get first.  The best home security system you can afford, and some sort of home smart product from one of the big tech meccas.  That’s all for today!

Towing in Minneapolis Business Review

Today, I am going to share with you about a business review on one of the best tow truck in Minneapolis after checking those reviews of each tow trucking business when you search for towing minneapolis and of course, based on my own experience.  Let’s take a look at why Minneapolis Towing Service is on the top of my list and why I consider it as the best one here.


Minneapolis Towing Service is Easy to Find

You’ve heard it right, as mentioned in my previous, try searching for towing Minneapolis and you will see some good results for businesses that provide towing services. And the good thing with that is most probably one of the top five would be the Minneapolis Towing Service itself. Once you do the click, it will be much easier for you to check out their contact and dial using your most preferred apps.

Minneapolis Towing Service is Available 24/7

Yet again, you’ve heard it. The Minneapolis Towing Service is very much available in 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Not 8 hrs, not 12 but all day! Unlike other towing services who claim that they are available just like the Minneapolis Towing Service, the said business live up to its expectation to help you out.

towing minneapolis

towing minneapolis

Not Just a Towing Service

Well, I am almost reaching out the end, but hey! I don’t want to make this any longer, I would want this to become as short as possible. Minneapolis Towing Service is not just about searching for towing Minneapolis at all but other needs they could be of help. Be it a need for a flatbed, wrecking, fuel delivery, jump start, or any other emergency situation involving your vehicle.

Are You Going To Sell Your House?

Buying a home or build one for you is a dream of many and people do a lot of hardships to have one home of their own. This involves a lot of their hard earned money spent in the buying or the construction and decoration of the house. If someone ever goes to sell the house, either he is moving somewhere else or he just can’t afford to keep it owing to some financial and legal troubles. If the financial hassle is not that big, then the person can look around for some other viable options to get rid of the current financial trouble. But in cases of some very critical financial need, you may not have a lot of choices to arrange the finances without letting your home slip out of your hands.


Even if you ever have to come to a point where you have no option left other than selling your home then you can do it by any of the three ways.

  • Sell to a professional home buyer.
  • List it with a real estate agent
  • Sell yourself.

While you can get the money by selling the house by any one of the above ways, but before you try one you must know a thing or two about each of them.

When you have to sell your house at the earliest possible time then it is better to go to a professional home buyer like At the same time, the professional home buyers also offer you to pay you out in cash and this may be the biggest advantage you could get from selling your home, the speed of selling and the cash. Also, you don’t need to pay the commission to the real estate agent for helping you out in selling the house.

Also, you have the option to go for the agent, but they usually charge the house owner around 6% of the sell value and before you list the house with them you need to get the house repaired thoroughly to get a good deal for your house.

Going by the third option, you can do it yourself but the speed may not be as good as the other two methods. In the previous methods, there are the professionals at work to get the job done on your behalf, albeit at some cost to you. In one way you get to save a lot by not paying the agents when you do it yourself.