Natural Shampoo as Alternative

There are a numerous types of shampoo in the market today. There are formulations for different hair thickness and even shampoo for hair loss. Decades prior to the spread of these different shampoo formulations, there used to be very limited options. This is problematic because the difference between individuals isn’t addressed. Inadvertently, it has caused adverse effects and complications that lead to today’s different cases of extreme hair and scalp conditions. The irony of this is that most of the numerous shampoo formulations is created to address the negative effects of strong compounds in almost all shampoos. These compounds are different sulfate-based chemicals that are present in shampoos even today.



Unfortunately, the regular use of shampoo has been accepted as a requirement to stay hygienic. This is why there has to be extra attention given to purchasing of shampoos and making sure that they are formulations that are ideal to the scalp type of the person who will use it. In fact, there would ideally be more than one shampoo in a family bathroom since not all family members would have the same scalp type.


Dry hair is caused by equally dry scalp, which fails in producing enough natural oil to provide sufficient protection and shine. As previously stated, some individuals who have characteristically dry hair is caused by strong shampoos with sulfates. If at all possible, it is highly recommended to keep away from shampoo formulations with sulfates because it washes away the natural oils. The preferred shampoo formulations are one that has natural active ingredients.


Oily hair on the other hand is characteristic of hair that has clumps due to the accumulation of dirt and oil. The scalp of individuals with this hair type is highly active in producing oil, which is known as sebum. The sebaceous gland is responsible for producing this oil. Sometimes it may even be recommended to use shampoo that has sulfate compounds so that the excess oil is washed away effectively. But it’s better to use natural alternatives because it works in ways that won’t introduce the hair to harsh chemicals.


Normal hair types aren’t spared from the harsh effects of most shampoos. In fact, people with this hair type are more prone to compromising their healthy scalp from constant use of strong shampoos. Essentially, there are a lot of herbal alternatives that can deliver the claims of commercially popular shampoo brands without the risks.