Most Preferred Air Conditioning Installation Company In Melbourne:

Melbourne is well known for its changeable weather condition and for the huge variation in temperature over the year. This happens because of the location of the city at the border of the hot inland areas and the cool southern ocean. While the temperature could go as high as 46.4°C in summer season to a slow as -2.8°C in winters. This wide variation in temperature pitches in high demand for a robust heating and cooling system for your home.


The heating and cooling system must be designed to work efficiently with very little maintenance all through the year and to achieve high efficiency in operation the role of the installation team matters a lot. Snowman air conditioning installation is one such agency which can be trusted to deliver the air conditioning system matching with the exact specification by the designer. Their coordinated approach and systematic execution also make the architect or construction team to work seamlessly with them.

Snowman is there in the business of services installation for over more than 35 years, which covers plumbing, heating and cooling, refrigeration and electrification of domestic and commercial projects. This makes their base of technical expertise as well as their technical workmen quality a lot with very rich and varied experience. Their association with all leading equipment manufacturing brands present in Melbourne for years tells a lot about the reliability and good name they have earned. They have a large experienced technical workforce which ensures the delivery of the project within the scheduled time and with the best quality service.

Their team also deals in the repair of air conditioning system no matter how old the installation is. Their long experience enables them to get in to the older systems even in the absence of any proper technical guide, manual or any drawings. Here the customer gets the benefit of their presence in the industry for over 35 years. They are the one to be contacted in case you are not in a mood to spend on the new air conditioning system and you want your old air conditioning system get an overhaul.

The prime motto of the business is complete customer satisfaction. The quality of their work and consistency in their service has made them a sought after name in the field of air conditioning and other service system installation and repair in the city of Melbourne and have earned them thousands of happy customers over the years.