Metal or Wood Planters: Which are Better?

When you’re tasked with the decision of choosing planters for your property, it’s easy to get stumped because there is such a wide selection. Until you really start digging into your options, you may not realize that there are so many pros and cons to consider. Two of the top-selling options are wood and metal, and here we look at them in detail so that you make the best decision for your outdoor space and the plants that will be living in the container.


Pros and cons of wood planters

Wood planters can add loads of character and are available in a variety of colors and stains. Plus, you can paint them to add your own personal touch. Painting them also adds longevity because they will rot of you don’t give them a little extra TLC. They’re fairly durable, but when properly cared for they do a fantastic job of insulating the soil. Be mindful when using wood planters for veggies because some of the wood treatments used in these will have chemical preservatives added.

Some of the primary complaints about wood planters are they will naturally attract certain insects, and the wood can split. However, if you have a large project you want to add bold splashes of colors too, then you can easily adapt these stylish planters to fit your needs.

Pros and cons of metal planter boxes

Metal planter boxes will freshen up any property, and are exceptionally durable (this is one of their best features), so you don’t have to worry about them cracking or breaking. Many green thumbs compliment the way metal planter boxes age beautifully adding, even more, aesthetics over the years. If you live in a place that has a lot of rain, you may need to use a rust inhibitor to keep the weather from harming it. You may also want to consider adding a liner for additional insulation. Be mindful about the weight because you don’t want to use a heavy planter on places like a balcony, so choose lightweight options such as aluminum for sensitive locations such as window ledges.

In the end, it really depends on what you want to you use the planters for. Keep in mind the different pros and cons as you make your decision, and remember to have a little fun. While you want to make the most durable and aesthetically pleasing selection, you also want to enjoy looking at this fresh space that you’ve created