Just How Important is SEO?

Search Engine Optimizations has transitioned from being just another way of marketing to the most important way of marketing especially for the online businesses. Even businesses such as plumbing, lawn maintenance, mason, locksmith, etc. which traditionally used yellow pages as their primary marketing tool are now increasingly becoming dependent on their websites as the primary driver of traffics to them. Search Engine Optimization tools which essentially increase your chance of landing customers on your website have thus become utmost important for them. Another astonishing fact that 93% of traffic to a business website is through a search engine such as the google or the bing makes search engine optimization even more important.


It is not only the tools of marketing that are changing. The customer behaviour and preferences themselves are changing. The generation of customers who started their life after internet had captured the world are not entering the market and expectedly these customers prefer buying goods and services online. With time the proportion of such customers in the market is going to increase. Having amply justified the need for search engine optimization, we would now like to discuss about how should small businesses who have traditionally done their marketing offline should approach SEO or digital marketing in general. The first and foremost requirement for them is to have a fantastic website which is user friendly and secure to use. The look and feel of your website should give the customer the same feeling that she gets when she visits one of the upscale stores. The GUI should be so user friendly that even your grand ma can use it easily. Next thing after having a good website is that you should try to promote your website through SEO. What SEO essentially does is that it helps in improving the ranking of your website on the result display page of google or any other search engine whenever a customer searches for a related service on it. This is highly technical task and good companies leave it to SEO experts. The good news is that you can find good SEO experts in almost all corners of the World. Your local SEO marketing company will guide you in choosing the approach for SEO from the several frameworks that are available. You only need to tell them broadly your requirement and on the basis of that the form your SEO strategy. Once the strategy is implemented, your website should improve ranking improvement.