Important Things to Remember When Hiring an Electrician

You can’t be too complacent when hiring an electrician. After all, their job is something you can’t take lightly. Though 67% of the American population base their hiring preference on references, it is still important to check their previous works and the satisfactory rate of their previous clients. In fact, others are too bold to ask for proof of qualifications before hiring the person.


There can be many reasons for hiring an electrician. It can be notifiable or minor:


  • Full house rewire
  • New circuit installation
  • New building full electrical installation
  • Consumer unit fuse box replacement
  • Alteration or addition of an existing circuit


  • Adding lighting poings
  • Single circuit cable replacement
  • Outside lights installation
  • Socket installation
  • Accessory replacement like control switches or socket outlets

Meanwhile, the person’s competence is very important. Hence, be sure to hire someone who is licensed to do the job. One way to assess on this part is to check if he is registered to the Electrical Safety Register or a government-approved competenet person scheme such as NICEIC. Look for one’s accreditation and ask regarding liability insurance as well as warranty policy before starting the work. Ask if he is insured and look for paper works to prove this. Given the high liability of his work, being insured is very important.

Another way to check whether the elecrtrician is fit for the job is to ask the length of his experience. Though it does not follow that newbies are less efficient, those who stayed in their profession longer has more experience and exposure than those who are still fresh in the field. Check the quality of their customer service. Open communcation will help you do away with unnecessart repairs and expenses.

In any type of work, budget is important. So, don’t be afraid to ask for the pricing structure and discuss other things relating to the electrical work. It can be the additional repairs and other possible expenses. The more transparent the transaction will be, the lesser will be the possibility of having additional hidden costs. In fact, it is wise to ask for different quotations from  at least 3 electricians of your choice. This way, you can make comparison and pick the offer that will give you most of the advantage.

It may not be easy to look for the best electrician but finding the right person saves you time and effort on your next electrical work projects. If your reside somewhere in San Diego then check out this san diego electrician.