Importance Of A Well Designed Lawn Irrigation System:

Lawn in not only the architectural feature that enhances the beauty of the house, but to many it is that part of the property which makes the building look complete. The state and aesthetics of the lawn depends on the maintenance system adopted for it and undoubtedly the irrigation system forms a major component of the lawn maintenance system. The effectiveness of the lawn irrigation system depends a lot on how it is going to meet the water demand by several types of plants, how economical and easy the operation is and how easy it is to maintain with the resources available locally.


If you are planning to install a lawn irrigation system tavares home then at first you need to find an agency that is good in designing a robust, economical and easy to maintain irrigation system for your lawn. You can expect a good irrigation system to deliver many benefits to the user, let us see what it should offer;

Economy: A well designed system must be economical in installation as well as in operation. Talking about the installation part the irrigation system needs to be simple with uncomplicated network, syncing seamlessly with the plantation pattern and with optimum numbers of sprinklers and other features. Also it must keep the cost of operation as minimum as possible.

Efficiency: The irrigation system must be designed to be efficient in terms of water use. The efficiency of the system can be enhanced if the designer consults with the horticulturist/ landscape architect and becomes successful in keeping the plants with similar water demands together. Also it must have moisture sensors, temperature sensors in place so that the system runs only for the duration that is essential to water the plants hence avoiding wastage of both water and energy.

Automation: The system must focus to run automatically by sensing the water demand for the plants. Complete automation can be achieved by judiciously using timers and several types of sensors in different parts of the irrigation network. Automation also eliminates frequent human involvement in day to day operation of the system hence saves a substantial sum of money in the long run.

Maintenance: The system needs to be designed in such a way that there is requirement of minimum maintenance as well as it is easy to maintain the system. For example the filters need to be selected carefully considering the quality of water supply in the irrigation line. The designer must keep in mind that if required the maintenance needs could be met with resources available locally.

If you have a well designed irrigation system in place then you can remain assured that the major part of the problem with the lawn maintenance has already been solved.