How To Take Good Care Of Your Wall

What will you do if you see cracks or blisters appearing on the surface of the walls of your house?You may think that why is it happening or it should not have cracked as the coatings of the paint usually last very longer. The cracks look very untidy and can easily alter the look of the wall and make it look very old and dull. Hence,it becomes important to get it repaired.


The major culprit in stucco damage is water, hence when moisture seeps into the surface of the walls,then the paint becomes moist and the cracks and blisters appear. However before getting it repaired,you should have the walls thoroughly checked so that any major problem should not be masked simply by the stucco repair. If any other causative issue is there which is being masked by the paint of the stucco,painting it again will only create further problem. Hence it is advisable that whenever a crack appears; have it checked thoroughly by a professional.

Now, whether or not you do the repair on your own or get it done by a professional you should get it checked properly. He will be able to assess the situation properly and tell you what all needs to be done. What a professional will do is that he will sand the surface of the whole area where the stucco repair needs to be done and then he will first apply a thin coat of a primer and leave for drying it. Only after it has been dried properly,suitable paint will be applied on it.This sounds very simple but it is the process followed in case of superficial damage. If there is any sort of damage like seepage of moisture within,then the whole area needs to be scraped and then cemented. After cementing the surface,the layer needs to made even and then primer is applied. Now when the primer dries completely then only the suitable paint is applied.If the damage is just in a small patch in a single area, then you can do the repair on your own,however this kind of patches appear at many places then it is advisable to have it done by a Professional so that he checks thoroughly for any underlying problems which is causing the cracks and blisters at several place. Getting your wall repaired in a suitable way will ensure there longevity.