How to Save Your Data from Shortcut Virus?

People ask about how to remove the shortcut virus from the USB drive and from their hard disk? If you are a college or university student or a computer user with extensive use of USB drive you must have experienced the shortcut virus at least once in your life. In the beginning, when most of the people look at the shortcut of their files and folders, they ignore it because it looks like nothing suspicious happening. When it is ignored on the initial level, it starts becoming worse. In actuality, it has become so common that people often don’t expect how much worse it can be.

After some days the virus spreads in your each and every device which you connected to the affected system and affect your whole file and folder. When the virus reaches at this stage it becomes more difficult to deal with it. What actually this shortcut virus is and what is its effects? The shortcut virus hides your original files inside shortcuts. The way it hides the file remains unknown, though the effect is fairly visible. The original files are there in the drive itself, but in such a position that you can’t recognize it nor take it out.

At more advance stage this virus corrupts the files and sometime it start deleting the files, it depends on the type of shortcut virus. For keeping file safe it is necessary to remove the virus from the computer as well as all other devices which are used with the computer like USB drive. Most of the people ask from where this virus landed into their system. The reasons can be different for each situation, but it is the fact that the shortcut virus travels from devices to devices and multiply itself as a new device is connected to the affected system.

Another possible reason of getting this virus is that you download an executable file from third party software which had the virus attached to it. It is also a possibility that you have connected a malicious USB drive through which the virus entered into your PC. This situation can be vice versa, you connected your USB drive to a malicious PC and took the virus to your own system. Whatever the situation is if you want to remove this virus from your devices you have to take some steps. You can find different ways on  how to remove shortcut virus website to get your devices out of it.