How To Maintain Your Carpet

Lexington carpet has become a big talking in social circles because very people in Lexington know how to maintain their carpet. If you also own a carpet in Lexington then you must also be among those who are worried about how to maintain their carpet. Our assurance to you is that after finishing reading this article you will be much more learned about how to maintain your carpet. We will share with your some of the top tips of maintaining your carpet. Even before we begin giving you out top tips, we want to admit that maintaining your carpet is not easy. On one hand if you clean it too much, it will lead to wear and tear of the carpet. On the other hand if you do not clean it properly, it will appear very dirty.


1 The first thing that you can do to ensure good health of your carpet is that wipe your feet before stepping on to it. This will serve dual purpose. On one hand you will it will not get dirty easily and on the other hand it will undergo lesser wear and tear. If you step on to your carpet with clean feet, your carpet will have a much longer life.

2 Always clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning your carpet with anything else will lead to wear and tear of the carpet. Many people commit the sin of cleaning their carpet with a brush. Vacuum cleaning is the safest way of carpet cleaning because it results in very little damage to the carpet and at the same time makes the carpet squeaky clean. You should even vacuum clean your carpet very carefully because repeated cleaning leads to wearing of the carpet.

3 You should use carpet stain remover chemical for cleaning extra ordinary stains. Many people commit the mistake of cleaning hard stains with common detergents. Common detergents can greatly damage your carpet. It can lose its shine and texture. Repeated use of detergent leads to wearing off of the carpet.

4 The carpet area of your room should be planned very carefully because if you will jeep furniture on the carpet then it may lead to wearing off of the carpet. Poorly laid carpet can lead to lessening of the lifespan of the carpet. You must leave some vacant area so that it is easy to clean the carpet.