How To Keep Your Carpets Clean

I have a wonderful house and we are a very busy family – we have two dogs and a cat and someday we will have some little humans walking around. Me and my partner are both working and I must say that sometimes it is hard to keep a clean house that we so need to enjoy after a week of work. We are both participating in the cleaning and over the years I have found some tricks to make our lives easier and the cleaning more effective.


Today I’ll share some tips for carpet cleaning. We have pretty cold winters and I take out the carpets and blankets in the fall, especially since my feet seem to freeze instantly. And we have had a lot of accidents involving our carpets and our love for pets, food and red wine. So here are a few tips to deal with these accidents.

Don’t rub stains

If you start rubbing, as on other surfaces, you’ll only spread the stain and get it deeper into the fibers of the carpet. When you spill something, immediately blot using paper or a cloth and work your way from the outside to the center of the stain. After that you can work with a cleaning substance.

Remove wax with clothing iron

We also had some wax accidents because of my love for scented candles. The easiest and most effective way of removing wax from a carpet is putting a cloth over it and heating it up with the iron. Be careful not to burn the carpet and use a cloth that does not stain the carpet.

Use vinegar for fresh colors

I love this solution and I love using vinegar while cleaning because it has a lot of applicability and it is very efficient, not to mention it is cheap and natural. Vinegar and baking soda are great for cleaning around the house. For carpets you can use a vinegar solution to freshen up the colors.

Shaving cream

Another solution that’s right under your nose (literally) is shaving cream. You can use it to remove general stains like dirt, mud, cigarette ash etc. Just let the cream or foam set and then removing by remembering the no rubbing rule.

Hydrogen peroxide

For not so happy accidents resulting in blood stains, hydrogen peroxide will rescue you each time (hopefully it is not a habit in your home). Apply the peroxide to the stain, let it activate and then blot it out. Repeat if necessary.

Get professional help

When your carpets are too beaten up for the above solutions to work, just find a cleaning service to do a deep cleaning at least once a year. Make sure to check carpet cleaning reviews to get an idea of the quality of service and what to expect. Read a few carpet cleaning reviews before contacting a company and then have a discussion with them to explain exactly what you need. Just a disclaimer, the carpet cleaning reviews are there for honesty and transparency, but don’t always count on that, since everyone has a different experience after all.