How to Dress Right: Basic Guide for Women

Dressing up can be hard, especially if you don’t know what type of clothes look best for you. Of course there are many factors to consider and one is your body shape. Women have 4 types of body shapes and among these are as follows:


  • Triangle

This is when your body is larger at the bottom with your torso and shoulder narrower than your hips. If you have this type of body shape, don’t use oversized sweaters, curve hanging fabric, skinny jeans or flimsy skirt. You would look better with a wide leg pants, tailored jacket or boatneck top.

  • Circle

This is the figure type for those women with thick middle part as growth seems to be faster here. Perhaps you have just given birth and you want to hide those extra pounds around your waist. So choose clothes that are loose on the midsection of your body. To hide a full stomach, wear clothes that are snugly on the other part of your body (except the waist part). This is to create an illusion that you have thin limbs. So choose a dress that would drive attention away from the middle. And don’t wear waist-cinching tops, belts or high rise pants. The best clothes to wear are slim cut pants paired with tunic or blousy top, shift dress or empire waist top.

  • Hourglass

This is another type of body that is curvy but is proportioned evenly. This is when you have a narrow waist with ample chest. Y our hips is also full but not wide and though your body is proportioned, it all angles. With this body, opt for clothing that move with your natural curves and does not go against these curves. You can check out the perfect styles of clothes that go well with this type of figure at Don’t wear shapeless clothes or those with boxy styles. Do not even think of using a baby doll dress, oversized cardigans or tunics.

  • Rectangle

When your body looks straight from top to bottom, you have a rectangle body figure. Many considered this type to be boyish but you can still appeal sexy with the right choice of dress. Look for clothes with snugly middle part but with flare bottom. This will create an illusion of having perfect body curves. Do not wear clothing that is tight everywhere. Avoid wearing dresses that are too flowy as well or those with unstructured design around the waist. Example for this is empire waist tops.

Remember, you can be beautiful as long as you know how to dress up well. Just don’t forget the do’s and don’ts when choosing the right style of dress for you.