How to create your first WordPress menu

Maybe you are wondering how your online presence can be felt. The ultimate solution is to learn como crear una pagina web and try to create one that is professional with efficient operation and an attractive design that will leave people impressed. In the process of learning how to build one you, you must know a very vital element, how to create your first WordPress menu.

Usually, freshly installed sites always have an empty page that is divided into two segments, one on the right and the other on the left. The left side contains a few tabs that hold all the available elements which you can add to a menu. On the right side, you can create a new list and adjust the structures and settings. Before seeing the setting, you have to create a new menu:

  • Come up with a recognizable name and fill it in
  • Click on the “Add Menu” button on the right side

The right aspect of the screen will change instantly, and you will be able to see a section where you can edit the menu structure and its settings. Before that, let me tell you how to add some elements to your menu.

Add menu elements

This step mainly focuses on the left section of the editor. To learn more about tabs that hold pages, post, custom link and categories click here;  como crear una pagina web. WordPress blog mostly uses pages and categories as menu elements, but you are free to add other components there as well.

  • Open any of the tabs
  • Select pages, posts, and categories or add custom links
  • Click on the “Add to Menu” button on each tab before switching to the next one

Add post Pages and categories by selecting them from the list. Take note when adding a custom link, while doing so you should have the full URL of the page. Don’t forget to add a name or label that will be visible for that given link. For more info check como crear una pagina web.