How To Choose Tiles For Your Home

There are few materials more versatile and practical than tiles when it comes to cleaning, maintaining and giving your house a spacious and clean look.


They are the best option for high traffic areas like the hallways or kitchen or areas with high humidity, like the bathroom. You can find a huge variety of sizes, colors or finishes for your tiles. You can play with various patterns and give your home personality by combining colors or even create designs on the floor or wall.

For a cottage style bathroom, like the ones you can find in houses around Knoxville, tiles of small size and pastel colors will give your home a cozy feeling and blend nicely with wood furniture painted in similar colors or white altogether. Also typical to knoxville tile that imitate wood texture and color are often used because they are more practical

Bigger tiles will give your room the impression of space, but only in already big areas. Very large tiles in a bathroom might make the place look crowded.

There is a lot to say when it comes to the size and color of the tiles, since they will be great assets when decorating your home. But the finish of the tiles is equally important. A matte finish doubled by earthy tones will give your space a warm, cozy feeling, while shiny tiles are more suitable for minimalist, modern interiors.

A spectacular effect is given by tiles that imitate stone in color, texture and finish. They can adorn an accent wall in your bathroom or living room while keeping the benefits of tiles. Tiles are made with natural materials and are very convenient in your home, being easy to clean, resistant to heat and humidity and much less expensive than stone or wood.

But the most adventurous of interior designers and home owners can choose from some unexpected models, like tiles that imitate fish scales and animal horn, 3D tiles or Swarovski encrusted tiles.

Another great benefit of tiles is that they are easy to replace if something happens to them. You can just remove the framing of the tiles, which is the grout and replace the broken or scratched tile. For unexpected situations like that, make sure you keep an extra case of tiles when you mount them.