How Palm Reading Works

Palm reading┬áis also known as Chiromancy. This is the art of learning about a person’s life and future through the palms of the hands. This is a common mode of communicating with the divine. This has fueled up curiosity and an intense desire to have a reading in a lot of individuals. To understand this topic better, here is some vital information you need to know about palm reading:


The Four Major Lines

  • The heart line runs horizontally across the top of the palm. It represents both the physical and emotional state of your heart.
  • The head line runs horizontally across the middle of the palm, just below the heart line. It represents the physical and emotional state of your brain and mind.
  • The life line is the curved line that begins somewhere between the end that finger and thumb in curves downward toward the base of the sun. This represents various strengths such as vitality and prosperity.
  • The fate line can be found at running vertically from the base of the palm to the middle. This represents career path and success. This line may not be present in some people.

As an example, there is an interpretation for the heart line. It represents pickiness in terms of love. If it begins in the lower middle finger, it shows selfishness in love. If it begins in the middle of the palm, it means the person is easily falls in love. If the heart line isn’t present it indicates that the person places little importance on their emotions. If a person has a short and straight heart line, it means he is not worried about romance. A long and curvy line indicates a person freely expresses their emotions. If the heart and headline run parallel to one another, it indicates that they can handle their emotions well. If the heart line is broken or has smaller lines crossing through it, it can represent some emotional trauma. Chained lines indicate depression.

This is just an example of the interpretation that you can get from reading your palm lines. There are more information and interpretation waiting for you. However, these meanings don’t have to run your life. These may serve as a guide that you can refer to every once in a while. But always remember that the choices and decisions you make will always have a greater impact in your life.