How Dirty Air Ducts Affects Your Health

The air passes at air ducts before it circulates the room. It is necessary for homes to put air conduits. The purpose of these tubes is to pick up fibers, pollens, furs and other materials which can induce allergic reactions. Hence, ducts are essential to improve the air quality inside a room. Furthermore, among the purpose of air ducts is to keep the temperature of the air on the right level. During winter the air that passes in the vents are heated, and in the summertime, the air is cooled down as it enters the passage.


Indeed, air conducts have several uses to households. However, do you know that it can affect your health if not cleaned?

When the ducts filter the air, the material it gathers accumulates on the vent and its tunnel. As a result, instead of distributing clean air, polluted air goes out in the air duct which is highly dangerous for family members with respiratory problems. A dirty air can affect the health of a person. Know the different risks which polluted air can deliver to your family.


Having allergies is bad enough, how much more if the place you consider as safe from your hypersensitivity is full of allergens?

Dirty air may contain pollens and furs which are potent allergens. It may worsen the allergy of a person once he/she inhales this type of air. Severe allergic reactions result to shock which is a critical medical condition.


Dust, molds, and bacteria are present in polluted air. For asthmatic individuals, dirty air is their number one enemy. It can worsen their condition leading to complications such as difficulty in breathing. If your air ducts do not work properly, there is a huge chance that one of your family members with such condition is at risk.

Poor Air Quality

There are a lot of harmful effects of dirty air to humans; a poor air quality encourages the growth of molds and presence of household pests. Molds, rats, cockroaches and other pests can ruin your home in a short time. You will know the damage they can make when you wake in the morning and notices your ceiling, toilet, kitchen sink and wooden furniture is covered with molds. Of course, who would want their properties to get damaged? For sure, no one will.

Does your air duct need some cleaning?

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