Growing A Kitchen Herb Garden Is Easy Now

There were times when people used every possible container for growing flowers. As for my grandmother, she used the cans of beans to plant seedlings. Thanks to a number of clever heads and technology development that times are left behind. Now we have a wide variety of choice to select the size, form and material of the container we want to use for seedlings and not only.


In order to have your desired kitchen herb garden a few things are required. You will need a container, soil, water and seeds. It is extremely easy to plant these seeds, but the most important part is growing them correctly. The hard working day, a lot of concerns and other problems divert your attention from seedlings and you forget to water them for days.

I know how devastating it can be; growing herbs on your windowsill and leaving them dry in hot weather. It is terrible situation, but the solution is available. The so-called intelligent pots come to help you on this issue. They are made for similar situations to minimize the risk of losing the seedlings of your favorite rosemary or oregano.

The intelligent pot or iPot has inner and outer pot design, which can stand separated. The iPot keeps the water down and it makes rope running end to end and goes into the sPot (the part where soil with seeds is standing) feeding your plant.

The wonderful design of the pot guarantees that the water will feed through the roots during time. It means that your plant will never be thirsty and moreover perish. This iPot can become the beating heart of your kitchen garden. It is extremely pleasant and splendid to know that the pot has an intelligent buoy to notify you when the level of water will be low in the pot.

Keeping a personal gardener or buying this intelligent pot is the same; the difference is just the price. So, you had better use iPot as it is energy consuming, doesn’t spoil anything around it and there is only benefit from it, nothing more.

Thus, if you are intended to create your own kitchen herb garden but you are still suspicious about growing seedlings and watering them in time, then you can start immediately. This intelligent pot will make you remember about your seedlings even if you have forgotten about them completely.