Flash lights are a tactical device that can come very handy in times of power outages. The concept of emergency light device is not new and has been around for more than five thousand years. Even the cave men had flashlights in the form of dry leaves and stones. With the passage of time, flashlights have evolved a lot and modern day flashlights are a price of marvel. Their technology has evolved to the extent that now most of them run on solar power which means that they do not even require external source of power. Finding yourself in a tactical situation is not very uncommon. Power outage in your neighbourhood is a tactical situation. In all such situations you are left with only two options- sunlight or flashlight. Sunlight is very a lifesaver but the unfortunate part of it is that it is available for only half of the day whereas a flashlight can come to your help anytime and anywhere.


The biggest problem in buying flashlights is that there are too many models in the market and it is difficult for a common person to understand the features that differentiates one flashlight from the other. We have analysed some of the best tactical flashlights and come out with some tips that will help you in buying one. Price is the first and most important criteria for buying flashlights. No one can deny the fact that almost everyone loves his or her hard earned money and hence wants value for it. Same is true for flashlights also. All of us want to have a decent flashlight for a reasonable price.

The second criterion is the battery. There are four main types’ flashlights. The first three are battery operate     d and the fourth one is solar operated. The battery operated ones either have pencil batteries or have a rechargeable cell. The pencil battery can be an AA or AAA battery and the rechargeable one can also be either AA or AAA. Some flashlights have inbuilt batteries that can be recharged. The solar powered flashlights also have batteries but these batteries are charged by solar power and typically last longer than electrically rechargeable batteries.

The third and the final criterion is the weight and size of the flashlight. Weight and size depends up on the level of sturdiness that you want your flashlight to have. The illumination will also depend upon the size of the bulb.