Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon

plastioc surgeonPlastic surgery requires careful consideration and decision. For you to have a successful result you need to find the right plastic surgeon and the following are factors that you need to find when considering a surgeon:


Look for the surgeon’s credentials. Does he have a certification from a recognized surgery institution like ABPS or American Board of Plastic Surgery? You need to do that so you can ensure the in-depth surgical training of the plastic surgeon in all aspects of plastic surgery. If you are in New Jersey for example, don’t hesitate to interview a plastic surgeon New Jersey about his background and credentials.


Other additional training he got from symposia and seminars are important as well. Aside from being board certified, he should have met additional requirements for advanced studies and experiences in aesthetic surgery. He should never stop learning and find modernized ways of doing plastic surgery.

The place or the setting where the surgeon will conduct the operation is important to consider. Even if the place is not in the hospital, as long as the facility is a recognized agency, it is not a big deal. But if the procedure is in the hospital, the surgeon has privileges to perform. Make sure that the equipment and tools the surgeon will be using for your operation are clean and updated.


Did the recommended surgeon perform previous plastic surgery procedures already? How are they? See samples of before and after photos so you would have idea on his work. You need to be smart however because it is very easy to display before and after photos and you are fully aware about photo shops and photo editing online. It is better if you will conduct an interview to the surgeon’s previous patients. Don’t be ashamed to ask about his payments so you will have an idea on how much you should prepare. You should never sacrifice the outcome with the higher cost you’ll be spending.


Then consider the comfort factor. This will show how the key of good communication and chemistry blend. At the very start of consultation, you will feel that comfort so you can tell candidly your desires and expectations.


Get all the exact information and let the surgeon tell you the procedures, benefits and the risks as well in detail. If your operation needs post-surgical requirements, you must know that from your surgeon.

Don’t forget about any revisions or follow – up visits if it is necessary.