Find The Perfect Landscape Contractor Here:

A beautiful house is never complete without an equally beautiful and matching landscape. The backyard of your house, lawn, water features are equally essential to bring on the aesthetics to the building. If you are building a new house you must have thought about these things and must be working with the landscape architect to finalize the drawings. Once the drawing and details are accepted by you, then it is only the landscape contractor who can deliver the landscape you have desired.


Finding a good contractor is highly essential but not easy at all. You can ask your landscape architect to engage and manage a landscape contractor of his choice and take payments for that from you. Or you can select any good landscape contractor of your choice and engage him with the drawing and designs you had from the architect. It works well either way with own set of cons, and all you need to do is to manage those cons with a suitable contract.

Let us see what we should look in the landscape contractor before selecting him.

  • Start your search by asking friends and peers about any good contractor they know. Also search online and go through lots of reviews before selecting one.
  • The landscape contractor is supposed to have a license issued by the state. He also must have general liability insurance and workmen compensation insurance valid till the end of the contract.
  • Ask him to showing appraisal and references from earlier clients and also to produce photographs of best of his works till date. The contractor must have enough experience in projects of similar size and scope.
  • Ask your contractor about the sustainability practices he adopts. What type of organic materials they use, what recycle methods they engage in dealing with the wastes and scraps from construction.
  • If in case the contractor opts to engage some subcontractors on his behalf, and then take every care to scan him thoroughly. If needed put strong clauses in the contract to manage such situations.
  • Site manager or supervisor holds the key to the successful completion of the job with deliverables meeting the desired quality. Hence the one to run the project must be well experienced and competent enough to manage the technical, administration, material and logistics part of the project.

Make a strong contract which includes important things like complete scope of work, schedule of work, schedule of manpower and payment schedule and terms and make sure the contractor does not deviate much from the clauses. Also make provision for proper site clearance, and debris removal after the job by the contractor. It will be apt enough to tell that the Henderson landscapers meet all the above requirements mentioned above and have been in the business for years delivering projects within scheduled time with exceptional quality. Try them out.