Features of a Functional Website

Whenever internet users enter your website, your first concern is to give a good first impression so that you can immediately capture their interest. You must also offer the most suitable product and provide a most comfortable shopping experience if you are an online vendor. Whatever happens, you must win them as customers. You can achieve all of this and more by having a very functional web design. It is all about at least meeting or even exceeding the expectations of visitors.



A crowded website design is not very pleasing to the eye. This is why you should keep it simple at all times. It is best to have a set of components that are logically arranged on a single page. Your home page can consist of a horizontal menu at the top and a single image at a side. If you wish to present a product, you can place it in several sections that follow each other. You can also use a drop-down design for this type of presentation.


Having easy to navigate menus is a big plus. Your users must experience a clear and concise drop down menu. It pays to show the users the paths to go to a specific page so that going back and forth is not confusing. The choice of style and color for all buttons is vital. They will find them convenient getting information or to making payments if paths are clear. This will definitely make them come back.


To enhance the user experience, the appropriate use of graphics and images should be observed. They want to search for things easily and quickly. If you use plain text, you may ruin the experience especially for users who are too lazy to read. The use of graphics and images will definitely make browsing easier and convenient.


Provide the users the experience as if they are in an actual store. Pattern your website like that of a traditional store. This will help you create a good organization of product categories and will definitely make the visitors feel comfortable. Organized categories based on the type of product, specifications, features, and more. It is best not to put a single product in different categories to avoid confusion. If users can select from assorted options for getting to a product, then you should start with the most general categories and then go down to more specific ones.


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