Everything About LED Grow Lights


Do you know what’s the most current massed produced light circulated in the market today? These are the LED lights. If you look at them, they don’t appear very useful for an indoor grow op. For first timers, such thought is understandable. But you need to know that LED lights are by far the most effective and most powerful grow lights you can find these days.

LED lights for plant growth? Such idea may not make any sense to you. But the truth is; this kind of light has so many applications and surprisingly, growing plants indoor is one of them. It only goes to show that LED lights are starting to rule the modern world! At first, they started as supplementary lamps when HID was still the leading grow light. Since LED lights don’t occupy a lot of space, they are easily attached to areas where the plant will need supplemental light. Today, these types of lights are available in bigger sizes of LED panels making them capable of supplying light to the entire grow room!

One good reason why LED lights are gaining popularity these days is its self-contained characteristic. It doesn’t need cooling systems and large ballasts to operate, unlike other types of lights. All you need is to hang the panel right over the plants that need light. Panels can be in various shapes like square, circle, and many others.

Benefits Offered


It has a space saving design

LED light frees up space. Because it’s devoid of any equipment to operate, you can easily move them around the room without any hassle. It doesn’t need any cooling equipment either. Hence it can freely access your plants and better care for them.

Runs on low temperature

Temperature regulation is very important. If you fail to monitor this aspect, you may end up killing your crops. Other lamps would need cooling equipment even after providing adequate attention. But LED lights are different. With the very low-temperature operation, they can just grow warm but not hot. Hence, they won’t harm your plants at all.

Very efficient

These types of lights can generate light with very low power consumption. Hence, there’s no need to worry about your electric bills.

Lasts long

Its long lifespan makes is worth the investment. Hence, expect that you can use the LED light for many years, saving you from buying a replacement from time to time. In fact, each of these lights can be used for 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Hence, they will be worth your money.


Understanding How They Work

LED lights send the electric current through a semiconductor material. This triggers the electrons so they will create a powerful light inside a tiny bulb. Various materials can be used as semiconductors in creating diodes with varying light wavelengths. This is what indoor plants exactly need for them to grow.

It pays to know more about LED lights and to narrow down your choices, you can check out the Best LED Grow Lights Reviews for 2017. Surely, you will learn a lot from this post.