Drone Photography

Drone photography has gained very high popularity in the orange county. Number of firms that provide drone service has gone up significantly and every year newer firms are getting added to the list. Orange County drone photography has achieved some fantastic successes in the last year and hence it deserves a special article on it. In this article we will explore drone photography in more detail. Drone photography can be used for recording a large number of events such as weddings, sport events, parties, etc. Let us examine each event in little more detail.


Wedding ceremonies are a sacred event and every couple wants to record each and every aspect of that event in the highest possible detail. Drone photography brings a unique angle to wedding photography and probably this is the reason why it has achieved great popularity among couples who plan to have a grandiose wedding ceremony. Drone photography captures the wedding proceeding from an angle which is not possible from the traditional cameras.

Real estate also finds very wide application of drone photography. Photographs taken by drones can be used for listing your property. Data shows that the properties that were listed using drone photographs have attracted higher number of potential buyers. Do we need to tell you what a large number of buyers can mean for a house?

Drone angle in live sports broadcast has gained tremendous popularity among sports fans. Drone photography provides an angle that was not previously available. The top angle gives an overhead view of the entire game. It makes people feel as if they are sitting in the stadium. There are many more applications of drone photography that has revolutionised the way we used to see the world.

Since the popularity of drone photography is rising, many firms have jumped into the fray of providing the service. The one problem that all the firms are facing is about lack of clarity in the US law that governs drone photography. The lack of clarity in the law makes drone photography susceptible to liabilities arising out of claims. Firms have found out a way to circumvent this problem also. They have approached insurance companies to form a policy to cover any liabilities that may arise out of operating drones. The insurance policy covers all third party liabilities also, hence you can use drone services without worrying for any potential liability that may arise.