Do Men Get Tummy Tucks Too?

12Women abhor belly fat, but so do men especially since it puts their health at risk. Men particularly dislike the jiggly kind of abdominal fat called subcutaneous fat. However, there is another type of belly fat that makes people more prone to health risks. That is called visceral fat, which is often linked to a host of health issues such as coronary diseases, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and some cancer types.


Why is abdominal fat in men such a worry?


It is true that fat, wherever it is deposited, can save you in times of low food supply or starvation. Medical research, however, is showing that it can also be a source of cytokines, a hormone-like compound, that increase inflammation. The visceral fats that are stored deeply in the cavity of the body are more prone to producing these inflammatory compounds. Cytokines are known to trigger many types of low-grade inflammation that doesn’t only trigger, but also make medical conditions worse. Visceral fat is also a major risk for all-cause death in men.


How much visceral fat is too much?


Remember that visceral fat is lodged deeply into the pelvic cavity. This makes it hard to ascertain; even thin men can have visceral fats lying deep within the cavity. If you are looking for a physical sign or indication, it can be a very thick waistline measuring about or greater than 40 inches. If you have this measurement plus an elevated LDL or triglycerides, then you must watch out. Smaller waistlines, however, is not a sign that you have no visceral fats; it pays to validate your measurements with some lab tests.


Cytokines can unobtrusively cause damages. It can trigger insulin resistance. It can cause the inflammation of blood vessels leading to hypertension and heart diseases. It can also foster the development of tumor and fatty liver that can deteriorate into cirrhosis.


What leads to excessive belly fat deposits?


There is only one culprit; ingesting too much calories that is not matched with an equivalent burning through exercise and other physical activity. Drinking too much sugary sodas, beer and consuming too much fat-laden fast and processed foods can load you up with too much calories that you cannot burn. If you drink too much beer, the liver metabolizes the alcohol and not the fat. It also contains many calories. When you drink beer, you also tend to drink it with lots of finger foods that carry a lot of cholesterol such as onion rings, chicken wings, fries, and pizzas.


The presence of excessive belly fat deposits is enough reason for men to get tummy tucks. Yes, that cosmetic procedure is no longer just for women, and if you visit the website of Dr.Coberly, you’ll see testimonies from men who have undergone tummy tuck.


While a change in lifestyle coupled with a healthy diet and regular exercise can help you lose belly fat, the fastest way out of the rut is to explore the option of getting a tummy tuck. So if you want to lose those unsightly bulges around your midsection, contact a plastic surgeon now before it’s too late.