Designing the Best Business Cards

There may be numbers of business cards handed to you but only a few of them are left on your pocket. Why is that? Well, it can only be because of 3 reasons; (1) it came from someone very important to you, (2) you need the products or services offered by the company, or (3) you simply like the card’s design. The third reason only shows that a perfectly designed business card can market your product well on its own. Below are some tips that can help you before the actual Business Cards Printing.

Business Card


  1. Concept

The nature of your business must be seen even at first glance to the card. Accentuate your company logo or related elements that can be seen on your website. Also the back side of the card must be utilized as well.

  1. Content

Important information such as your company name, contact information, your name and title must be included on the card.

  1. Font

Choose the one that can be easily read. This is also important since it gives your business card the overall feel.

  1. Color

Limit your color to Cyan, Yellow, Black and Magenta. This will optimize the beauty of your card since they appear precisely as expected when printed. However, if you choose red, green and blue, the color won’t be as perfect when you check the final print. Remember that prospects would most likely keep a colored card than its black and white counterpart.

Also, choose a “bleed” design which will protect your design in case there will be slight movement while printing. You can also choose among three types of finishes, namely, laid, linen and smooth. Color inversion may also do the trick. Hence, if the background is white, font must be black and vice versa.  And lastly, be mindful on the materials that you use. And always opt for something that is appealing to touch.

How to present the card

When presenting your business card, politely hand it to someone else. And don’t just slide it between fingers. To be organized, bring a card holder to keep the edges from becoming wrinkled.  Most importantly, hand your business cards only to your prospective clients. Remember that you are only limited in your copies so make sure that this will only be given to people who will be interested to your trade, otherwise, the cards will end up in a bin.