Common causes of car breakdown

Car breakdown on a highway can be daunting situation for anyone and especially if you are alone and on a secluded stretch of a highway. If the car mechanic or the highway service provider is far away then you can have a tough time in dealing with the situation. It is a good practice to learn basics of car repairing if you often undertake long highway journey. In this article we have discussed some of the common problems that occur in a car and how to deal with it.


Tire puncture is the most common problem that can halt your journey. A punctured or a flat tire is a common term for a deflated tire which may have happened when your tire ran over a pointed object such as a nail. Every car has a spare tire which can be used to change the flat tire. Changing a flat tire is relatively easy task and any seasoned driver can do it in few minutes. Even first timers can do it by following the instructions. It is important that before you set on a long journey you should check the condition of your spare tire.

Wind shield problems are also common on highways. There are multiple problems that can happen to your wind shield. According to Glass experts in Hamilton, wind shield getting broken by a flying stone is a very common problem. A highway which is slightly old and susceptible to yield under pressure from heavy vehicles is more likely to cause such problems. A stray stone on the road can fly in any direction when it partially comes under a tire. A flying stone can break your glass completely and make your car un-driveable. If such an unfortunate incident happens with you then it is advisable to not continue your journey and stop at the scene of the accident. You should try to remove the remains of the windshield and then drive your car to the nearest garage.

Third most common problem that can bother you on a long journey is engine heating. Though heating of engine is a problem that plagues old cars more than new cars but it is advisable that you should know the basic tricks of cooling down your engine The most effective way of cooling your car engine is to stop and drain the radiator water and then fill the radiator with fresh water and coolant.