Choosing Between Pontoon and Deck Boat When Renting



There are numerous intricacies involved when renting a boat, even for just one weekend. Mind-numbing obligations like reading lengthy contracts and insurance agreements can suck the soul out of being excited for the weekend. On the other hand, when looking at it from another perspective, all of these things are necessary in order to keep the welfare of the renter in mind. The rental company can provide an easier means of rental, but not every rental company are focused on customer service.

After understanding the details of the process of renting a boat, an important choice has to be made by the customer. And that is actually choosing the type of boat to use. There are two distinct types of boat to choose from, namely: Pontoon and Deck. The difference between the two is immediately apparent because of their appearances. Deck boats have the ubiquitous v-shaped hull that anyone can easily identify. On the other hand, pontoons are comparable to floating boxes due to its easily recognizable shape.

For some people, the look of a pontoon boat is already a big disadvantage. For something as expensive and luxurious as a boat, anyone who goes for the value of aesthetics can be forgiven. However, pontoons aren’t merely floating sardine cans. The shape of a pontoon might be considered by many as unimaginative, but manufacturers, as well as rental companies, have proven this to be untrue. A pontoon boat can look great with the right color schemes and railing installations, this in addition to its comfortable vinyl seats and sometimes carpeted decks. It also uses marine-grade carpets. Check out some great selections over at Pontoon Rentals Newport Beach for more ideas.

Deck boats are great when it comes to aesthetics. The shape of the hull is better suited for smooth navigation that results from faster speeds and easier turns while running at near maximum speed. This quality gives deck boats the advantage over pontoons when it comes to better handling.

Appearances aside, a renter must also keep in mind the very purpose of renting the boat. If it’s meant to be used by several people who simply wish to relax on the boat for the entire weekend, the pontoon is definitely the winner. Conversely, if the person who wants to rent the boat is going to use it for an adrenaline-inducing rush of revving the boat to maximum speed, deck type boats are most definitely the ideal option.