Hybrid Cloud Computing: Everything You Need to Know

You probably have heard about cloud computing numerous times; however, the new wave of IT breakthrough still remains cloudy to almost everyone. So, what is hybrid cloud computing and how does it differ from the traditional approach? The Basics: Before determining the work of hybrid cloud computing, here are some basic information about cloud computing. First, there are three types of cloud that are usually deployed:


  • The Public
  • The Private
  • The Hybrid

Public cloud computing is controlled by their owners from which the user rents the computer services. The public cloud includes Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Platform. Private cloud computing, on the other hand, is personally controlled by the user using cloud software such as OpenStack, Nextcloud, and more. If the public and the private have their own processes, theĀ hybrid cloud infrastructure, on the other hand, acts as the bridge between the private and public cloud using a specific or a special cloud service. In other words, the hybrid cloud is a composition of two distinct clouds (private and public) that may act unique (separately), but both are bound together by the propriety or the standardized technology, which helps increase accessibility and portability of data available.

What are the benefits of using hybrid cloud computing? In comparison to the traditional approach of transferring and securing data from private to the public and vice-versa, the hybrid cloud lets you get whatever you want. Below are the top benefits of using hybrid clouds:

  • Efficient and Flexible

Hybrid cloud can store a companies’ most sensitive data while accessing public clouds’ data simultaneously without addressing any degree of control.

  • Highly Secured

In comparison to what most people hear about cloud computing, the hybrid cloud is highly secured. In fact, almost all hybrid services run with strict compliance, especially those companies that uphold payment online. According to the experts, the hybrid cloud has seamless and highly secured features that no fraud or any cybercrime can touch the cloud computing service.

  • It Drives the Innovation to the Future

The hybrid cloud computing is the perfect path to emerging every business to innovate for the future. Hybrid cloud computing can be very confusing, but that can be solved by consulting Accelerite where you can also find new insight about cloud computing.

Hybrid cloud computing is one of the biggest breakthrough in IT industry. It helped re-establish the meaning of accessibility of sensitive company data to public cloud and a faster transfer of data from public to private cloud.