Choosing a Setting for Engagement Rings


A lot of people today still appreciate the value of an engagement ring. Even though the possibility of divorce may sometimes trivialize the value of union through marriage, engagement rings still pulls at the heartstrings of those who are blissfully taking a shot at marriage. For those who want to make their proposals extra special, they can do so by getting rings that are custom made. Going the extra mile really does the word “special” justice. Investing on a custom made ring by Harry Georje for example, it going to impress whoever is going to receive it.

Picking a diamond to put on the custom-made ring usually gets most attention. Another important aspect of creating custom rings is to consider which type of setting to use. This may not seem something significant but it does affect the overall aesthetic of custom-made rings. Here are two of the most common settings used specifically for engagement rings.

  1. Bezel

This is characterized by a small metal border that wraps around the stone. It doesn’t have to cover much, just enough to ensure that the stone is properly secured. This is considered by many as one of the most secure ways to hold stones. On top of that, it can also protect the edges from chipping off.

But the obvious disadvantage of this setting type is that the entirety of the stone isn’t showcased. It’s also ideal for stones that are close to having a flatter side to secure the bezel easily. Stones that have a lot of depth are wasted since bezels will hide most of it.

  1. Prongs

In contrast to the previous setting type, prongs are best for rings that have a lot of depth. This type of setting is done by having generally four or six thin metals with a bend at the end for securing the stone snugly in the ring. Needless to say, six prongs secure the stone better. But then again, when not worn during rigorous activities four prongs is typically sufficient for holding the stone. Another advantage of choosing four prongs is that more of the stone is exposed, in other words, showcased. For stones that have irregular shapes such as heart-shaped ones, going three-pronged is the way to do it.

Aesthetics aside, the downside to prong setting is that it may cause scratches, not to the stone or ring but to other items that the wearer may brush with. This issue can be brought up to the jeweler to make the prongs smooth and rounded.


Promoting Your Business with Local SEO


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Optimizing the Website 

The SEO expert will analyze your website. If you do not have a website yet, the professional will create one that is optimized and customized for your business. It will have a domain name that will reflect the business and where it is located. It will have contents that will engage the local residents such as photos or videos that people could easily relate to and recognize as something they are familiar with. It would also be the task of your hired SEO professional to upload contents to the website that are relevant to the local audience. If you already have a website, the expert could analyze it and determine it strong and weak points. If there are weak points found, the professional would know how to improve your website in order to achieve your desires local SEO results. 


Proper Link Strategy 

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Online Reviews 

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