Basement Waterproofing: Importance, Failure And Repair

The basement has many usages in the house and is a great addition to the house when comes to space management. The basement of the house usually houses the important features like the utility pump room, HVAC machine room and other additional features like store rooms and parking spaces etc. Surprisingly the modern day interior designers are transforming the basements into annexes, game rooms, bars and media rooms by providing proper ventilation and lighting. These tings certainly sound absolutely great but the success of such ventures remains largely dependent on the waterproofing of the basement. So, let us discuss the basement waterproofing in a little more detail.


Heavy excavation is done to construct basement of a building and since the floor of the basement is at around twelve feet below the ground, its proximity to the natural water table is quite understandable. While the excavated soil is back filled with residual soil and other filing materials, no matter how properly it is compacted, it still leaves a lot of scope for water to come up through the interstices and penetrate through the walls to come in. While the water pressure rises on the positive side of the wall, water in the soil interstices try to exit through the basement wall and they find easy approach in construction joints, structural cracks in the walls and untreated or ill treated sleeves used during construction.

The leaking basement walls and floor not only floods the basement, but the increase in humidity in the basement promotes wild growth of molds in the basement and makes the place highly unhygienic. Also the ingress of water through the walls helps the reinforcements used in the walls corrode fast and get the wall damaged faster than the normal. This is when you need the basement repair services in Pennsylvania to bail you out from such situation.

Basement waterproofing is a must activity during the construction phase and there are many materials available to achieve 100% waterproof structure. But, if in case the waterproofing of the basement has failed or showing signs of failure at places you need to take this very seriously. If it can be controlled from the negative side by treating and sealing the cracks, treating the construction joints and coating the entire wall with waterproofing solution then it is good. If the situation is too gave to be handled from treatments from the negative side then expert help must be sought without making slightest delay.