Backlit Monitors

If you happen to be in a profession which requires you to stare at a computer or TV screen for long hours then we are pretty sure that you must be suffering from eye irritation at the least and eye strain leading to mental stress at the worst. Eye strain may even lead to more severe complications such as dizziness and fatigue. You cannot do anything meaningful if your are under eye fatigue. One in every four American suffers from this situation. According to experts, your eyes can at max tolerate 42 hours of screen exposure but unfortunately most American jobs require you to stare at your screen way more than that limit hence it is not surprising that a whopping 5 million people suffer from eye fatigue in America alone. This number may be much large on a global scale because American working conditions much better than those in developing countries like India and China. The worst part of the story is the there is no cure for eye fatigue other than taking rest, however, you can avoid it by using certain special kinds of backlit LCD screens. Unfortunately the cost of such backlit screens is prohibitively high. Individuals can’t afford them and corporations don’t care for them.


The good news is that some American companies are working on cheaper solutions for this problem and they have had some success also. According to one company, they have come out with a special kit which can convert any LCD screen into a backlit screen which is very soothing for your eyes. With those screens you can work for more than 8 hours a day without causing any strain to your eyes. You can get more information about such kits at . The kit that they provide is a simple collection of waterproof ETL strips, adapter, remote control and connectors. You can install the system by yourself with the help of the manual within 20 minutes. The kit amazingly converts any LCD into a backlit LCD.

The fundamental of how backlit LCDs work is very simple. The contrast between the light coming out if the screen and the darkness around it is the main reason why our eyes get fatigue if we stare at a screen for long periods of time. Backlit lighting eliminates this contrast by providing a gradual transition to the eyes from the screen to the surrounding dark areas.